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I've been bothered with this condition for years, and didn't even know what it was called till recently. I had tried everything on it.
After looking on a lot of medical websites, it seemed the consensus by numerous professionals was that angular cheilitis is a form of a yeast infection.
I looked in my medicine cabinet, and going totally against the flow, I put on the only thing I had in there for yeast infections....Monistat cream.
I knew it was working the next morning when I woke up, yawned, and it didn't split open.
This is not some sort of joke, this honestly worked for me, and I am so thankful. I have dealt with this for over 20 years, and I remember my Grandfather having it his entire life. I will never have to deal with it again - it worked!

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Very interested in the Monistat cure. Did you use the cream that you insert into you or the cream to stop the itch on the outside? I had my first angular chelitis 2 months ago lasted for a month before i googled it because it was not improving. I had just been putting balm, coconut oil, emu oil, olive oil, shea butter on it, but then found out it was an infection and used triple antibiotic and baking soda - cured it overnight. 3 weeks later its back and worse then ever. Not only the cracks but the skin all around it is scabby and gross. Nothing has helped.


I hope this works! I was wondering for the longest time what kind of rash this was and found this website for home remedies. My 6 year old daughter has this sore on the corner of her lip and it's really red and thickly crusted at times. She told me it hurts when she opens her mouth big and such. I tried putting medicine that my son uses for a skin rash but it doesnt seem to work. I just put the monistat cream on it so hopefully it works for her. She's willing to try anything that might help.


I tried this remedy and it did nothing for me - it maybe due to different causes of the angular cheilitis. Dish soap rubbed in and followed by vaseline helped but is only temporary.

Dr. John

If the cheilitis is fungal in nature (even if it's bacterial) the condition should be treated internally as well as topically. Thus, follow an anti fungal diet as much as possible: no refined sugar, breads, yeast, no dairy, alcohol (sorry), candies and most importantly no dairy; lots of fresh greens, whole grains, no dairy; meat is okay.

Definitely take pro-biotics. I find spirulina in conjunction with pro-biotics does amazing things for fungus. You can also take a psyllium husk to clean the dead fungus out of of your colon. Silver colloidal is also anti-fungal and can be applied topically. I live in NY so I go to the Chinese herbal stores and use a non staining, cheap tincture that is very effective on a nail fungus I get sometimes. It is amber in color. It works better than anything else topically.

The anti-fungal diet takes a few days to show effects but will help any condition or at least wont hurt. One can simply research anti-fungal diets for more complete info. Cheers.

Lastly, if you can handle it, a short water-only fast, even just 3 days, will kill off most fungi as well as a whole lot of other nasty toxins buried in your system.

Cheers again!

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