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Crush dirt dobber's (wasp) nest and sprinkle on affected area. This will dry up the diaper rash.

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Are you crazy. Where did you hear such a thing.


and what if your child is bleeding AND allergic to bee stings? then what?! you are a fool. i would be willing to try alot of stuff on myself, but certainly not my child and certainly not that foolishness!


Best cure in the world, a lady at work went as far as to bring one to me. After a week of crying (the baby and myself) I was willing to try anything. I put it on her bottom at bed time and the next morning she was clear!!!! The lady wasn't as crazy as I thought, well she is but she was right!


where the hell are you supposed to find a wasp's nest in the middle of winter? not to mention that this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard!


i have heard of this before and heard that is does in fact work! and to everyone who thinks its a dumb idea: why are you looking for home remedies anyways if you are not willing to try something a little different...and if the child IS allergic to bee stings he shouldnt be allergic to the nest as it does not have the poison of an actual bee sting!


A mud dobber is different than a typical wasp, and that is the type of nest that should be used. This is the BEST emedy EVER! When my daughter's were cutting their two yr molars their poops were so disgusting that it burned their bottoms as soon as it touched. It was so horrible. My cousin took mud dobbers nest and wrapped it in a clean white cloth and then crused it. Then she poked holed in the cloth. I used it like a powder puff. I too was skeptical, but this worked when ALL else failed.


It's not foolish. How do you think people cured things when there was no creams. God will provide.


If you are allergic to bee stings does that mean you can't eat honey????

Krystele B

I will try this. My son has been taking an antibiotic for a double ear infection and the antibiotic had gave him the worst rash ever. Thanks for yalls help.


I have use a dirty dumber nest and I have a 10 month old and he does get really bad diaper rashes and I mix the dirty dumber nest and baby cornstarch power and it helps heal a damper rash up

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