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I have had RLS for 35 years. I discovered about 2 years ago, for myself, it is directly connected to dairy/milk products. If I avoid plain milk products (milk, ice cream, whipped cream, butter, cheese cake) within 6 hours of going to bed, I rarely have the RLS symptoms. Fermented milk products do not bother me such as aged cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, etc...
I love ice cream, so I will sneak it as a treat, but always before 4:00 pm. No treat, before bedtime, would be worth RLS when trying to sleep.
When I do eat/drink milk during the day, I notice more restless energy in my muscles, but it is a jittery jerky energy, not smooth and controlled. Thus I avoid milk before playing golf. Milk can add 10 strokes to my game guaranteed.
I generally drink almond milk or soy milk now. They do not taste the same, but the benefits are worth it.
No need for medicine and it's side effects to stop my RLS. Hope this helps you!

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I was thinking that about dairy products but was nevr sure... I always used to eat ice cream before bed but have recently been clean from opiates so now it actually is noticeable... I will try to not drink milk/ ice cream and see what happens

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