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several options are out there to help,
with a abcessed tooth.As I write this
I'am with alot of you as could not find
a dentist that would pull it right now.
A tea bag warmed with water and applied
to the tooth will pull out the infection at the gum line.Avoid peroxide at all cost.If there is a hole
or a section of the tooth missing,clean
out 1st with warm salt water.applying
clove oil will deadin the pain.cover
the tooth with soft parifin wax.this
will block out cold/food from getting
back into the hole of the tooth.Garlic
oil will also pull out infection.
You can get all of this at Wal-Mart.
The wax is in the craft section.
An old Indian trick was to use 2 table
spoons of wiskey,1 teaspoon of lemon
juice or lime,mix with baking soda until it's a paste.put on tooth or
around gum area.going to sting a little
but will kill infection 2-3
times a day to keep infection down.
Don't brush the tooth or area around it
this just cause's the nerve to be pissed.bottom line:tooth has got to,
be fixed or come out.Hope I helped a,

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