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Use egg white for acne and pimples. Wash your face with icy cold water.

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This only works if you use it. Once you stop they come back twice as bad


When you put egg white on your face and let it dry, it tightens your pores making them smaller. i dont know if it will help with existing pimples. i know the egg, though has a lot of vitamin A, which is very good for pimples. But i believe it is in the yoke.


Egg white is really good as a mask. Don't know about treating pimples! Egg white does make the pores small, and the testure of the skin is smooth and silky. I have used this in the past. It is good for oily large pore skin.


egg whites do help shrink your pores but i'm not sure if it helps cure acne. the yolks are very moisturizing though, so i would not recomend they be used on acne prone skin, only dry skin.

Melanie Rae

ooh, i wouldn't recomend washing your face with icy cold water. you should use tempid, or lukewarm water as drastically hot or cold water will break capillaries in the more sensitive parts of your face. Of course they will heal, it will just be very sensitive and red.


it makes your skin sooo soft!
and makes your pimples smaller!
Makes less red to(:

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