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Hello, I've read this post because I've had a problem for about 2 weeks and it really started to concern me because it wasn't getting better. Prior to reading this post, I did apply Preparation H Cooling Gel to the area (it's external). I made sure I kept the area clean and after each time to the bathroom I cleaned up with a Tucks medicated pad and even walked around with a cotton ball soaked with Witch Hazel held between my butt cheeks. I do have to say that the Witch Hazel is wonderful with helping with itching and burning!!! I decided to try a few new ideas from this post and I'm seeing fantastic results in less than 24 hours! I've tried the following:

- Took Aspirin to help thin the blood clot.
- Taken a hot bath with Epsom Salts and other bath salts that have Eucalyptis as the main ingredient (I didn't have any Vicks).
- I used a blow dryer on the area to try to warm it up. Be careful though... it gets hot quick!
- I went to bed lastnight with garlic clove split lengthwise and applied to the problem area.
- Today I soaked a cotton ball with garlic juice mixed with Witch Hazel.

The area has shrunken by at least half in the past 18 hours.... yay! Let's hope it keeps up to get rid of a very embarrassing situation.

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