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i was told recently by an eye specialist who was advising me how to care for my three year olds sty problem she gets about three every two months and only on the left eye its because her natural oils are not able to release properly the drainage gland is clogged witch in turn creates a huge sty vary painful he said to cleanse the infected area with a Q-tip using only warm water and baby shampoo. after words put hot compresses on the eye to melt the once soft but now hard oils trapped inside that huge ugly sty hot enough to melt but not enough to burn so test the water before applying it to eye it worked wonders hope it works for you as well.

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this was very hard to read without any punctuation or capital letters i didn't know where one sentence ended and one began at least you used the space bar otherwise it would have just been super duper confusing thanks for the period at the end though.

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