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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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It does help with the pain. Doesnt completly stop but it does help. the only thing is the taste is nasty!!!


whats hydrogen peroxide ?


I woke up with a terrible toothache! I have had toothaches before, I have a mouth worth more than a car it seems..the dentist is my worst nightmare. anyways I came here and read some things and tried some things..and I out of desperation tried this..and I sit here practically pain free...I do not care how nasty it tastes its so worth it!

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I can say that this process did lessen the pain considerably. It took the both and the salt water was an added plus.


It took out some of the pain, after 5 squirts of orel gell, I need some sort of new relief! The filling fell oit of my toothe last month while chewing gum and another piece fell out 5 day's ago, and OUCH what pain, it seemd to only bother me at night, I will post back any other ideas I try as well, the HP lessened the pain by 30% so far.

Big Tim

i followed the directions on the bottle, half water half peroxide, instant relief after the initial wave of pain from the cold water/peroxide mix, but it worked very well. I had used this method in the past but didn't think of it until I came across this forum. You're a lifesaver!


if you don't have hydrogen peroxide, u can use baking soda. worked for me.
hold the warm baking soda frothy solution in mouth for about 15 mins - 30 mins depending on how bad it is. it may be painful but that means its working. you need to bend over to let the solution into the upper teeth cavity too if that is a problem. afterwards do the same with the warm salt water solution for 2-3 mins. the pain may come back but again it means its working. thats it. in about 10 mins all the pain is gone.

Brittany Monster

That felt awesome. Super tingly. Thanks bunches.


I've been suffering with this toothache pain all day. This worked great. I was nervous to try it, I didn't know you could use hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Thanks so much.

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