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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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i really REALLY wanted this to work. I am in a lot of pain. the peroxide then the warm salt water felt good while it was in my mouth (thats what she said)but as soon as i spit it out i was aching for more (thats what she said). I dont know how much more i can take. i have an appointment with the dentist (shiver) tomorrow. i hope that helps.


OK, I just did this. The Peroxide really works in making the germs go away. I did the warm salt water also and I feel much better. I still have discomfort but, I am able to live with the pain now.


The peroxide seemed to help, but the hot salt water rinse brought the pain back because of sensitivity to the heat. But the peroxide had a nasty afterfeel with the bubbles on your tonge! Yeecchh!


Hey worked like a charm thank u maybe I can get some sleep...


I have been in tears for a week over a terrible tooth & tried everything w/o any luck. I read you post & love you for posting this. It took the pain away as soon as I spit out the peroxide but then 5 min. later the pain was back. I tried it again, this time with the salt water rinse & I've been pain free for a few hours now! I can't believe this simple thing did the trick after all the over the counter pain meds I put into my body & NONE of them worked! Thank you for letting me sleep until I can get to the dentist! You're the best!


thank you for the friendly reminder. I use to do this for mouthwash and just quit doing it for some reason. anyway, it does sooth the pain and i know if i do it longer than 2 minutes it will go away but i just fear swollowing it. reading that it works help my pain too. thanks and if i don't see you later good afternoon, good evening and good night.


use a garlic clove place on tooth will kill all pain


I too have tried the salt water rinse and peroxide. This helped temporarly, and the pain was back. not as bad as before. Thanks anyway.


I know I need a root canal and I was hoping to wait a couple of weeks before I had it done since I wasn't in any discomfort. Well I woke up with worse pain than when I had a dry socket. Of course it would have to be Friday night when no dentists are open. I tried everything, including darvocet and hydrocodone! Nothing was really helping other than a warm wash cloth on my face, and that wasn't very much. So in tears I tried searching for at home remedies... I must say the niquil rinse helped for a little while, as did the almond extract, but the HP rinse seems to be lasting longer, and since you had the foaming action I think it may do better in the long run since it's killing the bacteria/infection.

***Those worried about it being safe, it says on the bottle you can use it for an oral rinse... follow the directions. I would have never thought to try that with out the suggestion. I will take bad taste/weird feeling from the foaming over pain any day! THANK YOU!!!


I have a hollow/rotted tooth, a tooth that is starting to rot towards my metal filling and a small cavity near the gums (all on my left side so when one hurts they all hurt) and I've tried Benzocaine (%20) and it worked the first time, instant pain relief and haven't had any pain for weeks till now. The benzocaine stopped working for me and nothing was helping (extra strength medicine, rum, vodka, mouth wash, ect), I was in agony for hours till I remembered salt water, which worked for the first few hours then that just held back some of the pain.I came here and remembered Hydrogen Peroxide so I swished it and BAM! instant pain relief! No joke!

Half HP and half water in a rum glass and I haven't felt any sharp pain since.

I've been told that if when you spit out the solution if you see a film of densely concentrated bubbles, like I, you may have a oral infection which you should see a dentist asap for cleaning and antibiotics. I'm just waiting on my stimulant check to do so.

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