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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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Candace my life much. I was seriously about to freak out because of how badly my tooth hurt and how I couldnt sleep for three days. just woke up from the best nap ever immediately after swishing with the Listerine Pre, straight peroxide. Thank you thank you thank you.


Definately try this! It took my pain from like a 9 to a 5!!! Well worth the 20 seconds...


The pain is even worse now. The cold sensation tripled the pain.


A Simple tooth ache felt like a stake in my mouth, an ear infection, and a horrible hedache. HP I had in the bathroom and it said for oral use so I thought must be ok. Two rinses and this is gone. If this is what God has in mind about washing away sins, then count me in! Thanks for this thread.


I just tried your far it seems to be working. I was kind of scared to try it but I'm glad I did.

tim k.

I can not believe it.My tooth was hurting so bad I was in tears.I tried the hp and it worked enough to bare the pain.Now its 20 minutes later and it still feels good enough to get some sleep.This web site ROCKS!!!!


Wow I am not the one to want to rinse with stuff that cleans cuts that you get, but I must say that it REALLY did help me with my pain! WOW!

Tony S., Florida

This absolutely works - It's 3:50AM and I just tried this, finally can try to get some sleep tonight.


Instant really does mean instant! I was in so much pain. My coworkers rushed to get oragel and other 'quick acting' drugs. Vicodin didnt work, Asprin... No! It was until today finding out about HP that I feel GOD has answered my prayers... I just wonder how 2night and 2moro will go...


I have been suffering for 48 hours with a throbbing toothache and where it is the weekend there is not much one can do. i have done the rinses with warm water and salt, the peroide orajel everything that i can possibly think of ice packs. but i can't get rid of this pain it is so bad it is shooting right into my ear. Toothache pain is the worst i actually feel like yanking it out my self with a pair of pliers that is how desperate iam

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