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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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john shiteater

it worked pretty good...
may the gods bow down and kiss your feet.


Hey guys, just letting you know...Hydrogen Peroxide CAN get rid of the pain right away (especially if you have something stuck in there) but usually this takes a few days to work because it clears out infection. No more infection= no more pain. Hope this helps.


I just tried this, this morning!! OMG, it works!! I can't believe it. Thanks




I am going to try this as soon as my husband picks some up. I have been taking pain pills. The pain starts when I eat or drink something cold on the tooth and shoots up to my ear and head its just awful.


This really works! First, fill a glass 1/4 full of H-peroxide then fill with 1/4 warm water. Then swig the solution inside your mouth. You will feel a bubbling inside your mouth. Thats bacteria that the peroxide is killing. Gargle for at least one minute, three minutes is ideal. Then rinse your mouth with a glass of water w/salt. Do this procedure three to four times a day. It really helped my pain to go away!


My mommy feels so much better.
My mom was in so much pain.
Thank you so much. It worked instantly.


Thanx I just tried this and it dulled the pain considerably. I can finally sleep....

Cranky 4:22am

Ok, so as if 1 toothache is bad! Try 2! Yep, Ive got 2 that are killer! I have been eating IBprophen(sp?) like candy! I take 4 with works, but you have to wait 30-45 minutes for it too kick in, so I tied this in the mean time, and it helps quite a bit. Pain is still there, but slowly going away. Thanks!


I thought it sounded really strange to begin with and my husband thought it was obsurdly gross but in desperation I used the peroxide and did not get the instant response but within hours the insane pain in my lower jaw to my temple went away completely. I did use the warm salt water wash too but that was not new to me. I used the peroxide peroidcally thru out the next day to insure all infection was gone. This was about 3 days ago and still no more pain.

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