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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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Cindy is rite. This really works.


It is 1:10pm and I have been in pain for almost 2 full days. I have take 2 800mg Moltrins and nothing, took 2 Excedrins and nothing seems to work longer than a few hours. I have a terrible time with putting liquid medicine in my mouth but I am going to try this Peroxide thing and let you know how it is. Wish me luck!


It did help the pain a great deal and the sharp pain in my tooth, I also used the warm salt water, felt goooooood!!

tim waldact

of course alchol will work same with peroxside,but you do it too MUCH it will make it worse cause it damages the gum lining and eat away at your gums


Had a killer tooth ache all day. Pain in my jaw and ear. Just tryed the peroxide and followed with a rinse of very warm water and salt. The excrutiating pain is gone. Instantly. Not entirely but to the point now that it is tolerable and down to a dull ache. I think I'll sleep well tonight. Thank you!!!!!


it didnt work for me still have the pain


I looked online and saw this I tried it last night did not work instantly like some say. I tried it 3 times before it actually worked and I got some sleep but it came back the next morning.


Thank God that you and so many people are able to share this information with me. This works on regular intervals but the clove oil and hand massage together worked for hours on end. Thank you for helping us. You guys are great.


My tooth has been killing me for a couple of days now. I tried this and it really worked. I wouldnt say that it was instant pain relief, but within 5 minutes my tooth hurt MUCH less. After the peroxide rinse I did the warm salt water rinse also. So, I'm not really sure which worked more....try them both!!


it worked very well it relieved the pain almost instantly!!!!!!
it even cleared my herpes.....
superduper thanks!!

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