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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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ouch!!! the hydrogen peroxide worked enough the first night to let me get some slep but now it's really not helping much at all. ugh. Good thing I'm goin to the dentist first thing in the morning!!!! Good luck to all those other folks out there reading this with toothaches.


i used 'listerine whitening prebrush' it has alcohol (only 8%) and peroxide , it seemed to help a bit no more shooting pain .


WOW!! This really works. I went out in a snowstorm to get a bottle and a few mins. after I rinsed the tooth ache area, the pain went down almost 95%. Thanks for the great help.


anything at home that has hydrogon peroxide?


I was so glad to find your home remedy on this website! I had thought about rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, but was afraid I might worsen the pain. After reading your remedy and all the positive comments, I ran right to the bathroom and rinsed with H peroxide. What a relief! I have never experienced such tooth pain and now I know how to relieve it - at least temporarily! Thank you!


There was a little tingling for a few minutes and then I would estimate that my pain level went from a 9 on a scale of 1-10 to about a 3 and it lasted for about 6 hours before it started creeping back up slowly thank you to whoever posted this it has kept me sane till I can go to the dentist. Sincerely Steve


i have been in pain for 7 hours and i have aleady rinsed with salt and that didnt help i tried to go to sleep snd wake back up and when i did i felft even more pain so i rinsed with the peroxide and im still in pain maby i have to it longer but it didnt help me


I still can't sleep and its a Saturday Night. I dont think there are any dentist open tomorrow either. My tooth is killing me. It seems like the peroxide has helped a lil bit but Its still very noticeable. I wonder how many times I should rinse. I'm actually thinking bout going to the hospital it hurts so bad, but I really dont wanna have to. Pray for me out there. This is a bad one.


Just an update Guys. I posted a comment like 20 minutes earlier. My tooth was throbbing and it was almost if not already unbearable I tried the peroxide and it seemed to help a lil bit at first but after repeating a couple times and 20 minutes later the pain seems to be gone completly. Thanks to everyone and if your out there reading this now hurting God Bless You. I will say a prayer for you and definetly try this. U will be amazed.


It worked for me but 2 days later it woukldnt no more.
I tried everything untill i used souercrout juce woked almost immediately :)

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