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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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This really did lessen the pain....THANK YOU and the hot water rinse was excellent.

Jason Jordan

It lessoned the pain...made it bearable.....a definite must do! Thanx


You are a life saver!thank you so much!I was in so much pain and and now I'm feeling much,much better.Can't thank you enough.i'm glad I tried it, didn't think it would work but, IT DID!


The hydrogen peroxide method was the most relief I've had since this started. However, the hot/warm salt water rinse started the pain all over again. I had more success with the hydrogen peroxide for 10 or 15 seconds and just plain warm water rinse afterwards. My family thanks you.


This has had a good effect on my tooth ache, which has been bothering me for three days now. I tried alcohol, ice on the hand, ice on the tooth and TONS of orajel. This was certainly the most disgusting, but i've been pain free for a few hours, where i was having every 30 minutes or so. Hopefully it will continue to stay away, was still very disgusting. I was caught off guard at first by the taste which was similiar to water, but once it started foaming and becoming thicker...GAG!!!


My husband was in severe pain with a tooth ache by Sunday it was umbearable, I have never seen him in such pain. I found this web site and it helped him. He rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and followed by a warm water and salt rinse. He felt great in just minutes. Thank you


Didn't do anything for me! Arggghhh!


OMG...thank u my mouth was killing me I had the worst tension headeache
i am soooo grateful... Thanks again


It's 3:37 a.m. and my whole head and neck, and part of my shoulder is throbbing. I am taking vicodin and a muscle relaxor for back pain, so when I got this toothache, I thought they would for sure help. NOT!!! So I got on the net to find out what I could do to help the pain. I tried the tea bag, the ice in the palm of my hand, the whiskey, and this...and still not enough relief to even know it. Betcha I get to the dentist tomorrow. Any one out there know of any new remedies for a throbbing toothache? I don't have any cloves or vanilla extract in the house, but I will have tomorrow. And I'll try it if I ever get another toothache. Guess we should all take better care of our teeth and maybe we wouldn't have this problem. If you're reading this and you have a toothache, you have my sympathy!


I agree with Diane, toothache pain is the absolute worst! Awake at 5:00 a.m. right now after waking up with pain I thought I'd gotten rid of last night. The only thing that seems to be working for me right now is a cocktail of 5 ibuprofen + 3 of my wife's Midol (don't knock it, guys) and a heavy rinse of warm salt water (in the past, this has worked to make the 'abcess/infection' burst, thus relieving the pressure, although not this time so far). I don't need to tell you what this much OTC pain killer does to your stomach, though.

Don't have any peroxide to try atm, although I wish that I did. Prescription pain medicine (namely, vicodin and Tylenol 3) has had NO noticable affect in the past, so might as well just stick with the OTC stuff! Good luck to all of you, remember that it ALWAYS goes away eventually so hang in there!

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