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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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I don't even know you but I love you lol. Thank you so much. It worked great!


this has helped me greatly,i havw had tooth ache pain for awhile know ,and this seems to really help ,i cant seem to get an appointment for the dentist till next week so i ghuess ill be suffering off and on till then ...god bless anyone with a tooth ache ,it is the worst pain ever!if you have tried this and it doesnt work keep doing a few times ,sometimes it takes a few times till you get relief.....


thank you so much!! its 5:15 in the morning and i havent been able to sleep.. maybe i can get some rest.. my husband uses this stuff for everything.. i dont know why i didnt think of it.. :)


felt like ripping my head off before i tried this...feel much better thanx!


U are a blessing....thanx for filling everyone in on this remedy, it helped tremendously....i was in tears at 4am..all better now thanx to blessed.


One can also try making a paste of baking soda and salt on a cotton swab and placing it directly on the abcess/infection. Usually works for me.


I had to use straight hp without mixing it with water. Quick note, the hot salt & water combo made the pain come back. So I rinsed with hp again and had a seat, now the pain is very minimal. Thanks soooooo much for the tip dude. My appointment isn't until Monday afternoon!!!!! One last question, there was a tremendous amount of foam when I spit out the hp rinse. Does that mean my tooth is infected?


It is 3:40am I've been with a toothache since 10pm. This worked excellent for me! No more pain. Kinda discusting after foam forms up in mouth GAG! But well worth it. Thankz A lot!


This cured my pain the instant it was in my mouth. The foaming feeling is kinda neat too. THANK YOU!!!


I have had a tooth broken to the gum line for years. My Dentist said I need oral surgery. It hasnt caused me too much distress,so I did not have the surgery. Im affraid. Then all of the sudden horrible pain hit me like a rock. I missed 2 nights of sleep and nothing I did worked.I went on this site and tried the ice water and it didnt work. I tried rinseing with HP and my pain is alot less severe.Thank you! Hopefully I will sleep tonight.

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