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Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

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This really works. I've used the method for years. Follow-up with hot salt water rinse.


Ahhhhh....the pain is gone instantly THANKS!


This remedy works.


The pain is GOOOOONNNNEE!! No more sharp pain shooting from my cheek to my hands! The salt water rinse afterwards works awesomely as well.


Good Stuff, thought is sounded dangerous to be honest - but got from my local chemist no problem - tastes like water and very effective. Not sure on the lasting effect but there is basically instant relief..which is superb...!


That was truly fantastic. You saved me and my wife a whole lot of headache.


It worked for me. The pain disappeared right away. It says on the bottle that it can be used as a gargle.


Didn't take the pain completely away but did lesson it. I also followed with a warm salt water rinse.


I wouldn't say it was instant pain relief but it did help an incredible amount. Do try this. I should also add that I too followed with a warm salt water rinse. Thank you. I was in a lot of pain. Now it's much less.


It worked for me some, it did lesson the pain, try repeating when the pain is very intense! Oh.... and the hot water rinse,oooh NICE!

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