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Chad Young

Ok I have the ultimate Home Remedy for Nail Fungus. Its plain and simple and takes only about 20min evrey two days or at your own discretion depending how fast you want it gone. Are you ready IT'S LISTERINE MOUTH WASH any kind. Please email me with your sucess. It really works Guaranteed

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do u just pour it on or what?


How long did it take to see results?


I had been using Listrene almost every day for months and it didn't work.


Didn't work for me


It worked for me - I filed down the top of my nail (not the tip, the top) until it was very thing. It was infected when I did this, so at one point where I filed through, I had drainage. That night I soaked the toe in a warm witch hazel bath for 30 minutes. Starting the next day I soaked my toe (just my toe, using a little cup) in Listerine (I used store brand green color) for 1 minute, twice a day. After a while (2 weeks?) my toenail fell off. I kept soaking the toe until the toenail grew back, and it was very very clear the new skin was pink and healthy and infection-free. 18 months later, no infection and full, healthy toenail!


I am goign to try it!!! It makes sense to me. I know several people that have had their tongues pierced and they were told to gargle/soak in Listerine(the original yellow colored one)-it acts as an antiseptic. Worth a shot!!!! Thanks so much,

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