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I have been bothered with tooth pain for the past month. Some days worse than others. Surprising, the endos doesn't see anything wrong with the tooth/teeth. Tapping, biting down, xrays, electricity, ice, heat ... no pain in the doctor's office. However, through the course of the day the pain comes and goes, radiating up the face, in the eye socket, and nose. This is making the endo think that it is really a sinus or nerve problem. My brother suggested I take Claritin-D just in case it was the sinus. I did take Sudafed, with some relief but today the pain was starting to act up. This pain actually radiates down the arm. Initially, I thought it was my heart because I read that if you're having problems in your mouth/teeth and no obvious problem it 'could' be a cardiovascular problem. My cardio doctor said no. Actually, I think my problem is a fracture that is not showing up on the xray in either the last or tooth in front.

I went to this site and read through all of the wonderful remedies and could read the desperation in the responses. Believe me, hurting teeth is the worse pain and I have had my share of pain.

What seems to be working for me ... the tea bag remedy. I wetted a tea bag and put it on the last two teeth ... also immediate release! I actually feel human again.

Right now I am trying to take it one minute at a time. Feels good so far and I should be able to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is another day ...

A few last words ... I am in more pain when I read that there are people out there who can't afford basic health care and are suffering because of it. My heart goes out to all of you.

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Thank you I will be trying this tonight.. Yes, it is sad, but with the way this WORLD is comming to, I have to make some cuts, and YES sad, but the dental had to go.. NOW IM SUFFERING.. It will get better tho I hope :)


I don't have any insurance either....and I'm in so much pain can't sleep I have 2 broken tooths all in the me


I am one w/o insurance also and I have to wait till January 3rd for the dental school to re-open to have my tooth pulled.The pain is worth the wait and will only cost me $18.Besides the fact that I have to stand outside at 5am in a line and place opens at 8am :(. aleve and hot compresses worked for me


I would suggest you see an EMT to rule out more serious sinus/nasal problems.


my father-inlaw died two yrs ago from the self medicating with all the ib's nd tylonals and booze he used,after time it coused him to have a mass heart attack,now i'm on the same path because of insurance rates and inhumaine dentists who are only gonna help you if you have the cash or insurance,i have seven teeth that need to come out,h*ll i'm f*cked.

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