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Have a cavity and need a root-canal (that is unaffordable at the moment). I didn't have any pain until one day about two weeks ago it started getting bad. Everytime I would eat my whole jaw would throb! I tried pain-relievers, but they stopped helping...anbesol, orajel, etc did nothing. Got on here and tried a couple of things listed. The vanilla extract applied with a Qtip helped a little. Alcohol helped (but mostly just from drinking it). The garlic crushed or cut up placed in the cavity and between my cheek and gum burned like h*ll but took the pain away completely. I also bought a filing replacement kit and used to keep from continually irratating the nerve. So far, so good. Hopefully this will keep me going until I can get to the dentist!

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ive had the worst pain ever..and i just put garlic on it and my pain went from a 10 to 6....thanks much...

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