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Apply toothpaste - actual paste, not gel - to affected areas before bed. Wash off in the morning.

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It works. I didn't do it before going to bed though. Put it on at anytime and leave it on for about an hour. It does burn but it dries up your pimple and it just falls off.


this works for pimples but dries your skin put and causes more zits.


this hasn't worked for me when i've tried it before... and i have this pimple i really need to get rid of! oh well, i guess i shall try it again tonight
:) good luck to me.


i would have to agree with everyone else...this didnt work, the next morning i saw no difference.


toothpaste aah .....hahahahah
how can u think so silly
bttr dont play games wid ur skin


This doesn't work. Please do not do this. I had a bad pimple from picking at it, it went from a pimple to a sore. The toothpaste made it worse, extremely dry and sore and bigger. I put extra strength vaseline location with vitamin E and it was almost healed in 4 four days.


This works for me. I think it didn't work for a lot of people because they didn't use it right. First, do not apply the toothpaste if you've picked at your pimple and it's an open sore. Also, this is a spot treatment. NOT A MASK. A little bit goes a long way. But depending on the pimple it may take a few more applications. Try applying it every hour rather than leaving it on over night.


eat healthy, no fast food whatsoever. no more pimples!


Its actually working,i put toothpaste on my pimple and after a few min. ( maybe 10 ? ) I washed it off and I can see my pimple get smaller..

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