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Apply toothpaste - actual paste, not gel - to affected areas before bed. Wash off in the morning.

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This is absolutely stupid! I'm looking to sites to HELP me! Not confuse me. Some people are saying toothpaste is good and some bad!! I'm scared now as what to do and if it will only worsen my skin. So please don't talk if you don't know what you're talking about!!! That'd be great! Thanks....


Mkay this toothpaste thing, yeah, doesn't work all that well. plus what type i used mint and my face is redder than ever i don't even want to leave my house ! So i guess it all depends on what kind flavor whatever but yeah, maybe say what kind or tell me please ! i can not take this i have perfect skin everywhere besides my forehead and can not take it , the toothpaste made it super red too. They were better off before i used it :[


I've been using toothpaste to get rid of pimples since I was 14... I'm now 50. The secret is not to use it in excess, just dot the paste on the pimple itself every other day, and it actually does dry out.


I have a nasty scar under my chin from this 'so-called' remedy.


I try using toothpaste all the time, but it never works!!!


its good but i think it takes a long time to improve...


I tried this, and when I woke up all the areas looked worse. The toothpaste just makes it red. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.


Toothpaste does not do anything for acne!!!!There is no medicinal purpose in toothpaste. I wish people would stop advising this as a remedy for skin care! Using a home care system along with lots of water will improve skin! Tea tree is a great anitseptic and cleans the affected area. Do not squeeze them!!! It can scar the skin and cuz small tears. If the need to remove the milia(whitehead) warm face with steam or warm towel and drain the infection with a lancet(small needle)If the pimple is hard and no whitehead, this is called a sebacous fillament(oil) DO NOT SQUEEZE!!! try a warm tea bag to help pull out the oils and any infection that may be under the skin!


i have tries toothpaste and i didnt do anytihng for me


I've tried that. It actually works. But it dehydrates my skin. So i've stopped using that.

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