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Apply toothpaste - actual paste, not gel - to affected areas before bed. Wash off in the morning.

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i have heard of this and tried it, although it didn't seem to make a diffrence for me.

still a user of this method when needed

I have tryed this myself and it does work most of the time for most people! when applied you can feel it drawing up the pimple , and drying it out.


for me the toothepaste only reddened the afflicted areas and also dried the skin on top of the pimple


You would be better off trying baking soda and water paste if u have sensitive skin, toothpaste will dry it out too much. Stay away from the powerful mint types too, they will make it too red and they will crack if u leave that on overnight.


The toothpaste only made it worse! Don't do it, just use witch hazel and dove soap. The products out there just dry your face out. Also for a moisturizer use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey. It works for me and all my friends.


This really does work. I had a party to go to and i got out of the shower and noticed the pimple and i went on line to find something that would work and i came across this. Since the party was still 6 hours away i put the toothpaste on and took it off before i went to the party and amazingly it was gone. IT WORKS!!!!!!


Toothpaste causes a Dark blemish after a while cause it BURNS your skin, especially sensitive skin types. DONT TRY IT RATHER BE SAFE THAN SORRY


at the time i was really enoyed when i saw that my skin was red from the toothpaste, but i just put cold face mosturiser on it and the redness faded and my skin was soft and blemish free. So yes! toothpaste works


Toothpaste accually works!!! i am part of a drama group that performs plays. when your on stage pimples dont look good! i have sensitive skin and as soon as i heard this i tried it. the next morning my pimples were gone! this REALLY WORKS!!!


the toothpaste remedy does work!!!

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