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Jordan woodward

Hey everybody I have a killer pain in my bottom right molar. Its ok during the day, I just can't bite down on if. During the night thought it's a whole different story. My tooth stars aching and pain levels as high as 9 1/2 out of 10, that's how much my wisdom teeth hurt when I got them pulled, all four at once. Any way though I came across this site one night and I read about swishing vinegar around in your mouth and that helped a ton! And I also tried the tea bag... I about threw up cause I hate tea, but other than that the tea bag worked great! The pain is very small now! So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for this site!

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3 days of horrific tooth pain! Im on vacation out of town so can't be treated by my own dentist. Saw a dentist here and he took a look and said I have an infection and put me on antibiotics and said it would take 48hrs to hopefully work and take some of the pain away. I had a root canal on this tooth 11 months ago and he said it looks like it didn't fully work. I have been on 800mg of Ibuporfen every 4 hours for three days. My entire jaw is so sore and Im in tears. I found this site and tried the vinegar mounth swish and put a tea bag between my cheek and tooth. I do have relief as I write this so I will do it again before I try to go to sleep. I know I will have some oral surgery to look forward to when I return home and as that sounds completely terrible I cant imagine anything worse than this tooth pain. Good luck to all that are looking for tooth releif.


problem solved! Tried oragel multiple times and only helped for about two minutes...tried swishing vinegar in my mouth and worked instantly.!!! I held my nose shut and then swished mouth was right after and I never even tasted it!!!

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