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Ok, RLS has a couple of main causes, such as medication. Antihistamines, like diphenhydramine, doxylame, dramamine, etc; along with sleep aids, and ephadrine are the major deviants. Heat does help, so does going to bed a lot earlier, the second u get a little tired-that way your limbs don't have the chance to catch up to your mind's tiredbess. But i'm pregnant at the moment, and sleep is almost rare now, my RLS is now descending me slowly into madness! I'm going to ask my Dr If magnesium will be safe right now, and i'm looking for any new remedy as well. Help, I need sleep now more than ever!

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I have suffered from RLS for 15 years and I have been able to somewhat deal with it through anti-anxiety medication. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and unable to take anything, although my dr. did tell me I can take small dosages of Ambien a couple times a week. It seems the further into my pregnancy I am getting, the worse my cramps are. I am to the point I can't sit or lay down without having to move or pop my legs/ankles about every minute. I really don't know what to do at this point because it feels like I can never relax. Have you found anything to be helpful?


i am pregnant as well and my RLS has gone through the roof! i talked to my doctor and she gave me 300mg of neurontin to take 1 capsule at bedtime. She said that she has other pregnant patients who are taking this drud for the same thing. She didnt seem to be comcerned about me taking it while being pregnant. It helps me and without it I only get like 4 hrs of sleep a night. Talk to your doc and see that they say about this remedy:)


I have RLS as well for many years but it was almost crippling when I was pregnant. I found a warm/hot bath with a 1/2- 1 cup of epsom salts (bought in bulk) eased the twitching better than anything else.


I recently found my RLS to be caused by irritation around the tail bone. If this is causing your RLS, maybe a towel or pillow under your thighs might relieve the stress while sleeping.
Also, if you try magnesium, make sure it is magnesium citrate. If you google this, you'll see it does much more than supplying magnesium.


I had twitching in my legs when I was pregnant last year. I found out my iron was low and as soon as I started taking the iron supplements, my legs got cured. Maybe you should get a G.P check on your blood?

Take Care.


all my sympathy - I felt like I spent the last quarter of my pregnancy, standing, leaning against the wall next to my bed, until I was on the absolute cliff of sleep, and then just slowing falling into bed. Felt foolish but it worked. These 42 yrs later, I have found some relief with club soda which contains quinine. The dosage seems to be low enough to help without the cardiac side effects. Good luck.

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