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Sally Grempshis

Apply creamy peanut butter to the affected area for 10 -15 minutes. wipe clean and follow by rubbing lemons or lemon juice and sprinkle salt on it. immediately rinse and pat dry. let skin breathe for awhile and it should feel and look 10 times better.

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emilee vandersluis

does it work if i only have crunchy... with a little jelly in it? I also do not have any lemons however i do have lemon heads will this work???


This is one of the funniest threads I ever read. Are we so dumb that we don't know salt and lemon to treat wounds is retarded? Bravo, to the person responsible for this one, bravo!


Thanks for the laughs you stupid inbred morons, DUHHHHHHHHHH lets put salt and rub lemons on our va jay jays YEAH THAT WILL MAKE IT FEEL BETTER.


Soooooooo funny!! The comments..... I needed this

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