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Sally Grempshis

Apply creamy peanut butter to the affected area for 10 -15 minutes. wipe clean and follow by rubbing lemons or lemon juice and sprinkle salt on it. immediately rinse and pat dry. let skin breathe for awhile and it should feel and look 10 times better.

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I tried this and it was like magic! It worked wonders on my bikini line. It was very soothing too. I just kept doing it as a preventative measure. I love it! I dont know where the person who posted this got it but many thanks for such an unthinkable remedy! Who'd a thunk it?


This definitely does not make it go away. It just takes away the burning and itchiness. Skip the lemon and salt though, it burns really bad.


I dont know abow you guys but the pb kinda burns a bit


The peanut butter burning didnt come close to the lemon and salt! All this (remedy) did was make it worse!


This really works like magic. i tried it yesterday and it was kinda painful. if your a girl the lemon will burn most if your a guy the lemon and salt hurts your privacy area like your peinus.


If you believe this then you deserve what you get!


whoever u are ur a dumb bitch because i did this to my vaj razorr bumps and it burned like hell so screww u!


Razor burn is a medical condition in which the razor leaves tiny microscopic cuts on the area, that get infected. A painless way to get rid of the infection quicker, is to soak the affected area in a wark bathtub saturated with epsom salts, available at any walmart or rite aid. It draws out the infection. It will not cause you any pain. Try doing so for 20 minutes each treatment, till it goes away. Thanks. Hope I helped!


whoever posted this justy played all of u who listened to it hahahhaa c'mon really do u not have any common sense... who would actually do this


Heh, read this and thought I was on reddit. I see what you guys did there.

Well i HOPE.


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