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Just wanted to say the Herpes remedy of..
Tylenol pm capsules.

Really worked for me... someone here on home-remedies recommend it.. I tried it.

you just mix, Abreva,cloves and Tylenol or Advil in small blender then add a few drops water to make a paste. then transfer paste into a small container. I put the paste on and immediately felt better. it stung a little yet it goes away. and you'll feel a good sensation I leave it on for a few hours and overnight if you like. either way it feels good.
also taking 3-4 100mg of L-Lysine a day for about a week. helps destroy the virus for good. well close to it, its suppose tp lower the levels of the virus. this lady here on myhomedies wrote that it removed hers permantly.
We all have our speculations of course yet trying it could help lower the virus.
also when I researched herpes on wikapedia, theres a micrbicide gel for woman called vivagel it's an antiviral lowers the shedding time. I tried to get it as a prescription yet my insurance didnt accept it. I might just buy it or get better insurance. or find something close to it at cvs, and femine wash and vagasil are also good. wikipedia has much usful information and goes into great detail about it. therapies like laser therapy, topical creams citis, vivgel,ozonated therapy, other alternative therapies such as baths with epsom salt, tea tree, apple cidar vinegar, before bath inserting garlic into the vagina while bathing is a good remedy also. black tea,douching with hydrogen peroxide, kidney,liver,colon cleanses.
and more..ok hope you heal from head to toe... tah,tah...

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are you talking about abreva in the tube?


what is cloves.? could you explain little more detail on how to mix this paste? thanks

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