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Learned this in a baking class: salt kills yeast when you are baking so why not yeast infections! Take salt of any kind (I prefer sea salt not coarse) place on washcloth and gently hold to vagina for 5 min. If you can stand it insert salt into vagina with a clean finger. Then take a bath. This will burn somewhat but it works. Let me know what you think.

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YES!! SALT KILLS YEAST!!! I tried the 2 tablespoon of salt with 1 cap of vinegar and about 1 litre of water. Wash the area, insert finger during wash... U will feel a little tingly burning, but it will ease up alot!!

Hold a soft cloth with some salt there for 3-5 mins.. IT WORKED! Lets hope it stays so for a long time!!!!!


your a blessing in disquise. im 15. for the past week to week in a half i have had a horrid pain, itch, my clitoris is swelled like twice its size, and a burning sinsation in my lady parts. (im embarassed to tell my mom) i did some research and figured it was a a yeast infection. i read every single comment and decided to try salt and hot water. first, i took our iodized salt (its like a 15 oz container), freshly ground sea salt, 2 big bowels, and freshly washed washcloths (washed in bleach), and took all my 'supplies' to the bathroom with me. i was kinda scaired to do it at first, because everyonne said it burns. well, i gathered my imagenary lady balls and took a 1/2 cup salt to 1/4 cup sea salt and put it in two cups hot water (as hot as i could stand)and mixed it. then i took a washcloth and soaked it in the water. while i soaked i took a clean towel (also bleached) and laid it on the toilet. then i took the washcloth and sat on it making sure all my parts were covered. i sat there till the burning stopped. then i took cold water and rinsed. then i took and massaged the same ammount of salt mixtures without water on my area. i sat there untill it stopped burning. rinsed, then filled the my bathtub to my hips and poured about 2-3 cups of salt and soaked in the water. this might sound weird but i took and undid a tampon, got it wet, and rubbed salt on it i rinsed a bit of salt off and rolled it up and put it in my vagina. i sat there with it in for about 10 minutes. i took it out and rinsed. i drained the tub and poured salt in my hand and massaged it in down there. i left it on for about 5 mins and turned on cold water (as cold as i could stand) and rinsed making sure to get all the salt off. then i took and pat dried my downstairs with a fresh towel. then i slipped on a pair of freshly bleached panties. as a just in case i took and put on a fresh clean pad (i prefer overnight). then put on clean pants that make it easy for my legs to breathe. thank you for posting. also i would like to thank everyone who added helpful comments.
thanks alot,


I had been takIng antIbotIcs that caused my yeast and Thanks to this post and many more the salt, water, and vinager WORKED..

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