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Learned this in a baking class: salt kills yeast when you are baking so why not yeast infections! Take salt of any kind (I prefer sea salt not coarse) place on washcloth and gently hold to vagina for 5 min. If you can stand it insert salt into vagina with a clean finger. Then take a bath. This will burn somewhat but it works. Let me know what you think.

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omggg it burns just done it hopefully it stops the itching ans discharge.


i wanna get rid of this yeast infectoin! please help me! :(


I just did this. I took a damp washcloth and poured salt all over and rubbed together. I put it on the opening of the vagina and held it there for about 5 or 10 minutes. The pain is excruciating,no lie but,after I took the rag off and cleaned the area a bit,I felt a difference. I'll repeat this in the morning then again at night. I hope this works,I'm only 17 and this sucks! I got this YI from taking UTI medicine. My clitoris swelled when I was taking those pills as well. It sucks its SO sensitive down there! :(


Im Gonna Try It Im Only 14 & Im Almost Positive I Have A YI Im Scared To Tell My Mom So Im Trying To Fix It On My Own....


ill try it bad does the salt burn?


i get yeast infections for the antibiotics i take for when i get uti's and i get uti's from kidney stones. i dont want to tell my fiance i have a yeast infection because i already have enough problems as to why we can't have intercouse and i know its suggested not to do it when you have a yeast infection. i want to try this and im going to but im curious as to how long you should wait to have intercourse after the symptoms stop and/or after trying this?
p.s. my yeast infection is very mild.


well, I heard that this works im going to try it... I was looking and reading all the comments hoping that they will say that the YUCKYY DISCHARGE will go away...and it did. I suppose that it burns many people said that it did. SO i guess im going to just SUCK IT UP AND BE A WOMEN! lol i cant wait for the results!!! yayhhhhh hopefully it workss!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT WORKS LADIES!!!!! I did a semi soak in the tube then inserted the salt directly into the vagina. When I woke up the next morning there was no nasty white stuff, no odor, and no itching. I also wiped with hydrogen peroxide. It does burn but its well worth it.


Yes I tried it, Girls I thought I was going to have to call the fire department, I jumped and soaked in the tub. Now I feel a little better like it was an imediate shock to my pocket book, ill tell you in the morning how im feeling.


I have tried this method and it works but what can i use for the itching and burning on vuvla

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