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When you are hungry eat sparingly, enjoy every mouthful, and eat slowly so your brain can have time to register when you are full. If you do not eat, food becomes more desirable and there is a chance when you do come to eat, you will over eat. REMEMBER GOING ON A DIET IS TRAINING TO BE FAT.

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Eating more is actually what helps people to lose weight.. Adding a fruir or veggie to every meal. Most people dont eat big portions, so if you eat breakfast, with fruit, and lunch with a fruit or veggies, and make dinner more hearty by adding veggies, and following up with some strawberries or sweet fruit, you will be fuller and less snacky. I dont think that telling people to eat smaller portions will help, though I do agree with the comment that dieting is training to gain weight.


I found that if i drink a glass of water when i'm hungry in the middle of the night i dont get up and eat, it helps curb my hunger. i still eat in moderation and milk does help also. i have lost 50 pounds doing this, it has been a slow time getting this weight off but now i can fit into a size 8.


I'll try this. I guess trying to not eat hardly anything does make food more're right, when you have'nt eaten and then you eat, you tend to eat too much.

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