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Dry tea bag. I totally swear by this. Tonight I was in pain every 5 minutes from a bad tooth ache. Too early to take more meds. The only thing that was working was gargling with mouthwash every 5 min. But the pain kept coming back. Then I remembered I read the home remedies for tooth ache mentioned tea bags. One said use a dry tea bag. I had previously tried a warm wet one. The dry one worked much better. A minute after I had placed it in my mouth and wrapped it around the tooth and gums that was hurting, the pain subsided. I kept it in for 15 minutes with NO PAIN. After I removed it, I had no pain either and it's going on a half hour. One thing I noticed, when I kept spitting out the wet tea, was a couple of tiny drops of blood. I believe the tea bag pulled that out. I was thinking why do tea bags work? It must draw out the infection I thought. I looked it up and sure enough, I found an article that said it does just that. You can use it on cold sores as well and other minor injuries. It's been four hours since I last took meds (advil and tylenol) and I am in no pain. This is a miracle!

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my top and bottom teeth have been killing me. i have 2 of them in my mouth right now since it's top and bottom. i still feel a tiny pain here and there but it does feel a little better than what it did. reading these comments, i was wondering if it tasted bad. the answer is yes. it tastes bad lol


This worked really well i used a green tea bag, and then saw online that chamomile worked better. my wisdom tooth came out but it was abses and broke open, before i could make an appt. to get it removed we found out i was pregnant. i have extremely sensitive teeth and know i would have to be put under for work to be done that far back in my mouth. But for some reason as soon as the taste hit me i found myself with my head in the toilet lol but for now the pain has subsided :) thank you


Trying the dry teabag right now. Dentist appt tomorrow, but the pain is horrible. I sure hope this helps. Tbanks to all who have tried and posted.


i am doing this right now........ SO far, its working a bit...


So far this works. I have been eating WAY too much Ibuprofen. Salt water, vodka, peroxide, mouthwash, almond extract- all of these dull the pain but only for minutes and then it was back. I am currently sitting here with a teabag in place and I'm pain free in 5 min. Hope it lasts! Thanks!

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