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Dry tea bag. I totally swear by this. Tonight I was in pain every 5 minutes from a bad tooth ache. Too early to take more meds. The only thing that was working was gargling with mouthwash every 5 min. But the pain kept coming back. Then I remembered I read the home remedies for tooth ache mentioned tea bags. One said use a dry tea bag. I had previously tried a warm wet one. The dry one worked much better. A minute after I had placed it in my mouth and wrapped it around the tooth and gums that was hurting, the pain subsided. I kept it in for 15 minutes with NO PAIN. After I removed it, I had no pain either and it's going on a half hour. One thing I noticed, when I kept spitting out the wet tea, was a couple of tiny drops of blood. I believe the tea bag pulled that out. I was thinking why do tea bags work? It must draw out the infection I thought. I looked it up and sure enough, I found an article that said it does just that. You can use it on cold sores as well and other minor injuries. It's been four hours since I last took meds (advil and tylenol) and I am in no pain. This is a miracle!

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I am trying your tea bag idea right now , i have a molar that was recently fixed with a filling. My jaw was broken in that area a couple of years ago by a dentist trying to pull my molar. Well he fractured my jaw all the way up to my sinus cavity. It didn't bother me after surgery after about a year. then it did so i went to dentist and they filled it. it was ok for a long time , now it hurts like heck , just started up a couple of days ago for no reason. It feels more in my gum , the tooth is strong , been gargling with salt water and taking ibprophen but my whole head on that side is pounding because of this tooth.. grrr. so i am praying your tea bag idea works thanks


I so hope this is true about the tea bag. I am in some despite need of pain relief. I have been taking all kinds of meds for about a week now and I'm starting to feel weird. Have had no sleep either because of it. So well I just hope this works on a abscess.

K. N.

I applied the tea bag to the inside of my mouth, around where my mouth is throbing, and so far this is the only thing that has worked.


OMG the tea bag is a real deal. It took out all the pain from my tooth. I had pain for about two days this the only thing that helped me. When I was taking out the tea bag I noticed a bloody mess on it. That just tells you it took out the infection. Thank you for your help.


I'm trying the TEA BAG now with the hot rag on my 16 yr old daughter's face. Her mouth has been throbbing all day and as many mentioned she has taken ibuprofen/motrin nothing is working. I'm praying this allows my baby girl to be pain free til at least tomorrow. Her appointment is 9am!


im trying it right now and i really hope this works, i have an appt for a root canal on friday and havent been able to sleep for the last 2 days


im try n this tea bag trick rite nw and it seems to be wrk n so far


I had been in Major pain with my broken tooth since Thursday, don't have the money to go to the Dentist, so finally after Thanksgiving, and waking up to a swollen face. I decide to get on the web to find some home remedies to try to take the pain away. 800mg Ibpourfen didn't touch the pain, heating pad didn't do it either. THEN I tried this remedie. THE TEA BAG, went and took a 2 hour nap, woke up fine. No Pain, and the swelling was down. THANK YOU. GOD BLESS.


I'm in so much pain I'm trying the tea bag so far little by little the pain is going away....I really hope it does because I'm really sleepy and in pain. And I don't have any insurance..can't afford it.. =(

josie :)

I'm going on three hours of sleep right now since I didn't get to bed until 3am thanks to a throbbing toothache! I was desperate so I hit the internet looking for a remedy at around 2:30am and found this post. Thank you ssssoooo much! I filled the area around my tooth with a dry tea bag and after about a minute I felt and heard a ''pop'' in that area...and the pain instantly...and I mean instantly went away! I let the tea bag sit there for another min or so and then pulled it out. Couldn't believe it worked! 16 hrs later...and it still feels fine! Thank you thank you thank you!

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