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trenton t.

Ok i think i can quote everybody when i say this. CRACKED TEETH HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!i was scrolling through here and found a few that mentioned tea bags. Well try this one out cuz i know it helped me out and i have a high tolerence to ALL pain relievers. (Including vicodin) take liptons cold brew tea bags and boil 1 and a half cups of water. Once the water is boiling place the cold brew bag in the hot water. If you don't like unsweet tea like me get 2 to 3 packeges if splenda Artificial sweetener to add with your tea make sure you drink it hot and make sure its strong. After you drink the tea place the teabag on the tooth. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF GARAUNTEED!!!! for all of my toothaching buddies and peeps good luck im feeling halls pain

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Unbelievable!!!!!! Should get me thru the night now! Thanx

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