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Hives covered my torso, and a few on my face, swelling my lips and eyes. This was happening several times per week, triggered, I believe by stress.:

The remedy that WORKED:m twice a day I made a tea with Aluminum FREE baking soda (bought on internet) and organic cider vinegar. Use a teaspoon of the baking soda, two tablespoons of the vinegar and mix with warm water. I also added some honey--I cut way back on sugar, started exercising 20 minutes, four times a week and took a handful of vitamins--C, D, omega fatty, enzimes, multi vitamin. I have only had a couple of hives in the past two weeks. Oh--I also bought some ph paper and noticed before the tea my sytem was very acidy---and it started to balance--so there you go--All the other remedies for what to do when you actually have a big outbreak is great--but they won't go away if your ph in your body is not balanced.

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