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First thanks everyone for offering their remedies! Here's what worked for me:

I had recurring pain in my upped and lower jaw. My last upper back tooth wiggled and the last week it was excrutiating pain.

I had been drinking at least one soda pop a day (we get 'em free at work) and I noticed things were getting worse. Plus I'm a big chocoholic. So I STOPPED eating sugary stuff and soda pop.

I realized I could go to a dentist and what would he do? Give me antibiotics, pull my tooth and give me a root canal. But dentists don't really 'prevent' much. You can clean your own teeth with products on the market today as well as they do. And let's be honest...teeth are the one thing that last for millions of years, survive fires, etc. Why dentists pull and not fix, well means they have no real remedies. They only have 'symptom resolvers'.

So you've got to realize your diet can contribute to your tooth decay. Look at what you eat..does it have high fructose corn syrup in it? That's just sugar. OK, enough preaching.

Ibuprofen will reduce swelling. So that worked for me. Don't take aspirin. That can cause your gums to bleed.

Second I went and got a good toothbrush (one that vibrated, not spun).

Next I got mouthrinse with hydrogen peroxide to clean out anything below and between my teeth.

I got Cepacol for cleaning out bacteria. (You might want to stay away from Crest ProHealth because the ingredient in it can cause your teeth to have brown spots.)

I also got Crest's Phos-Flur which has the concentration of fluroide.

I also got ProEnamel and Crest Sensitivity and ProHealth toothpaste, but also got Eco Dent Daily Care that will remineralize your teeth.

But you know what worked? I got some limes and sucked on those. That stopped the pain and throbbing.

Then I rinsed, waited a half hour and took one close of garlic, cut it up and mashed it up and put it on my teeth and around my gums that hurt. (It was tough to handle, but...WOW!) I let that stay for half an hour and swallowed it. Then I put on another clove mashed up.

WOW! Almost immediately the pain was gone. And in a few hours my tooth that was wiggling stopped.

I also have been taking cranberry and tumeric to get any infection out of my body and help in swelling.

I also take bone strengthing vitamins, along with garlic tablets. (But the REAL garlic worked to fix things). And I also took fish oil.

Just wanted to say too, what you might have might be different than what I had, but garlic will work wonders for infection.

I also got a $20 teeth guard and molded it to my teeth. I realized I was grinding my back teeth and this really helps me and helps move my teeth back into place.

I have no more pain. GARLIC and LIME and stop drinking soda pop or any other sugary drink (lemonade, crystal light, gatorade, etc.)

I would caution against getting fish antibiotics. I didn't realize I was allergic to certain kinds of penicillin and you may not know either and taking something like that might cause you other issues.

You can fix your teeth problems if you also are diligent about brushing and use the basic tools available on the market. But in today's world it's hard to stay away from processed sugars and food. If you are eating at fast food resutrants, stop! You can eat good for you food at reasonable prices. a veggie pasta dinner I make myself costs me about $2-3. Compare that to any meal you buy at MikeyDs.

Good luck and thanks EVERYONE for the suggestions. THEY WORK!

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I always knew garlic was a great remedy but never talk for your mouth or teeth? and Lime? Wow well I didn't have either in the house so I tried the warm compress and tea bag like mentioned earlier and so far my baby girl who is just 16 is quiet! I feel so bad! I must also tell you I stay buying crest pro health never heard what you mentioned. Do you remember where you got that information from? I use that or Colgate Total. Thanks for the tips!


I've been having a tootheache for a little over a week now and it causes me to get freakrent migrains to the point where im in tears. Will minced garlic work the same for me to ease my tootheache?

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