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Wart Free

I resisted the urge to post on my facebook page:'I JUST GOT RID OF MY PLANTARS WART'! I figured this was a more appropriate forum :). I used the apple cider vinegar, cotton, duct tape so many people have used here. One additional thing I did was after the scraping off routine at night, I soaked the tool in bleach and water overnight so I wouldn't reinfect anything. This really works. Be diligent, keep at it, you will see results a few days!

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New Shoes

After about 10,000 of freezing and 'laser' therapy to no avail, I thought I'd try some home remedies. My thinking, 'The laser teatment is focused light meant to kill the virus. Duct tape is known to stimulate the immune system to the applied area. When I was a kid, I used to burn things with a magnifying glass in the sun. What if I coupled these two?'

I burned the warts and covered with duct tape once a week for about the month. Gone! After years of warts. It hurt a little toasted the end as the warts were smaller, but it wa worth it. Here's to sunny days!


how lonmg did it take


how long did it take

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