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The best natural remady for diarrhea is eating bannanas
eat them until you are full, and as lond as you only have a mild case, it will be consideably improved by the end of the day.
i know from personal experiance, and it worked for everyone else i know to.

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I think I would rather have diarrhea than pump that much sugar into my body and spike my insulin levels like that. There must be a safer more healthier remedy out that will work as good. Unfortunately I am normally constipated lol


Bananas contain potassium that is helpful for replacing the electrolytes you lose when you have diarrhea but consuming that many bananas can spike your potassium level and potentially result in a condition that would be just as dangerous as low potassium (heart attack etc) so be mindful of that when trying this remedy! (i am not crediting or discrediting its effectiveness)

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