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If you are missing a filling or have a cracked tooth the pain is the WORST. Here's my remedy that works great (until you get to the dentist). Go to a Hallmark store, they sell packages of these little soft wax 'dots' (they are used to secure taper candles in a candle holder). Dry the sore tooth as much as possible. Warm up a little chunk of a dot in your hand (it's already nice and pliable) and gently (duh) press it into that area. It stops air from reaching the nerve. No air-no pain! Do not try this with regular candle wax when in desperation mode! You'll just make the pain worse (I know from experience). But really, these candle dots are a true miracle! I've shared a few with friends in pain and I've became their hero. Replace as needed. Good luck!

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Junnie Barron

I have used those make your own fillings before and they were just hard to get out. How hard is it to get out when you do put it in? Because I have a tooth on each side top and bottom that could use that NO AIR rule. LOL please email me the answer but I might think about buying these if they are easy to get out. My fillings just fall out and my family has a history of weak enamel so I know I am doomed but at least I wont be in pain.
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