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I am a dental hygienist and had a tooth extracted 2 days ago. Tonight the pain was BAD and I didn't want to knock myself out on Vicodin. Went to Henry's Health Foods in Temecula, CA and got 100% clove oil, put a drop right into the socket, and the pain was 95% gone in SECONDS. Eugenol, which is what an oral surgeon would pack into the site, is a derivative of clove oil. Using the natural product is better for you and a LOT more effective, as you can leave the site open for faster healing. I'm sending a bottle to ALL my scattered family to have on hand as an emergency supply!

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I just woke up in the middle of the night with horrific tooth pain related to cavities, and after trying this remedy my pain dissapeared just as described. I highly recommend it.


I just bought a product my mom swears by,it called 'Red Cross' the active ingredient 85 percent Eugunol and it has worked awesomely!!! And thanx to u i feel a lot better knowing that doctors use this active ingred.


WOW So much information! My 16yr old is sleep right now. I did a hot compress and a tea bag don't have the other recommended stuff but I will invest in Clove Oil as I know firsthand tooth aches are the worst!

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