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To help with fleas on your dogs: take a new spray bottle and fill half of it with apple cider vineger and half with warm tap water. Shake well and spray on the dog's coat. Rub it in good. No need to rinse, just let it dry, and use it daily or as needed. My friend uses it for her dog, and it works well and saves money.

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this is more of a question than a comment I have 4 cats and was wondering if it will hurt to use the vinegar water on them??


yea ha ha veryyyy funny,i sprayed that mix on my dog n she ran around like her butt was on fire,my guess is that fleas bite n leave lil bite marks n when the vinegar hits em they sting like mad,so hope fleas infest ur armpits


thanks a lot i tryed it and i think it has helped more then anything else i have tryed


another one is to mix equal amounts of lavender and rosemary. bring to boil, rests 15 minutes, strain. put in clean spray bottle. (i refridgerate because the smell is nicer) apply to the dog every other day or so.

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