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Terri N

I had a planter wart for about 7 mos. During my research on here I was not real thrilled to do this so called ACV remedy. In looking further there was one posting that mentioned PROPOLIS from bees. I bought the 70% solution online for $16.00 including shipping. This was by far the best remedy. All I did was shower - file down the area with a pumus stone, apply solution, cover with a bandage, repeated only once a day for 4 days and that was it - after 4 days it was gone. I am so thrilled I can't even begin to tell you! I read horror story after horror story of pain and duct tape on here for weeks on end. Screw that I am glad I saw that one posting for the Propolis. I am so grateful to you - whoever you are!

People don't waste your time with all that duct tape, gorilla glue, and ACV pain. BUY PROPOLIS 70% you will not regret it.

PS Do not spill this stuff as it stains! I learned that the hardway! lol

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How big or small was your wart that disappeared in 4 days?

Last night I bought some Propolis at the local health food store and started applying it to my hands where I have little warts starting. I also put it on an bandage on the wart on my foot. I also found a wellness vitamin that had propolis in it as well as a bunch of other good immune boosters. Warts are caused by a virus so I am trying to help my body fight the battle rather than burning all my skin off with strong acids.

Propolis does turn your skin yellow making it very visable


Answer to your question - it does stain the skin some but washes off easily. My wart was mayeb the diameter of a ball point pen cap (hard to describe) I had no surface breakthrough ot growth it was all beneath the skin and was very painful. I am telling you though - why suffer with pain for ACV - this method was pain free and has been gone now for 2 mos I guess. I am so grateful to have it gone!


My 7 year old got a painful wart on the bottom of his tie. After using medi-plast for several weeks I had killed lots of skin but not the wart. It was smaller so we took a break. After a while he had several more small warts surrounding the original one. I took him to the doctor and we started on the medi-plaits again. I hated how much healthy skin was being killed so I began my search for an alternative method. Thank you so much for posting about the bee propolis! It is working wonderfully and only affecting the wart. His foot is healing beautifully! I am so happy that he is finally going to be wart free!! Thanks again!

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