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Natasha Dyke

Hi I'm 23 years old and I have had stretch marks for like 15 years mabey a bit longer and there all over my arms, legs, waist, boobs and legs. I no how it can take ur confidence away and make u feel like th ugliest thing on earth. i have bought so many different creams and oils from all over the world and nothing works. A week ago i made up a little mixture of my own which i can honestly say is working very well from the first use. I can go swimming and feel more confident and it has even my skin tone. The good thing is i haven't used it everyday just 4 times and i am so happy. The ingrediants i used was lemon juice, hair gel, hair hold spray, TCP, codliver oil capsuals, boots scar serum, garnia facial toner, sodercrem, nivea sun screen (medium 30 )and vaseline cream (yellow vit E bottle. I mixed this all together and i have also been exfoliating my skin and changing my diet. Eating yogurt, milk, fish and drink loads of water to keep the skin hydrated.

I hope this helps anyone.


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hi ive also had the exact same probolem and im only 15! I have no clue what to do anymore,ive tried bio-oils and tissue oils and they havnt gone away.Especially at my age i didnt expect it but thank you for the suggestion,ill definitely try it =)


Yes, agreed that skin exfoliation is critically important.


whats ctp and were cani find these things and is there a certain way you need to mix these.


I am 13 and i have the smae problem. i have them because of a operation i had and now i feel so ugly. i am going to try your home remedey and see if it helps me i hope it does. thanks for the recipie.


what brand hair gel and hair hold spray? what even made you decide to even try that?


This seems to be unrealistic and non sense. I will never try...


i agree it doesnt have logic to it


boots scan serum! what the.....

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