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Buy some rolling tobacco (native american spirit is best, but anything natural you can get your hands on should work. If you must buy bugler so be it--just make sure its loose tobacco!). If you are in the US where the quality sucks, leave a bit of carrot peel in the bag over night to moisten it up so it tastes and smokes better.

Roll your cigarettes for a week or two, you can buy filters and even little machines to do it if your fingers cannot. Its definitely not as pleasurable, but you still get to smoke and its quite a bit healthier. You will find that with time that you no longer crave a real cigarette.

As long as you are not getting drunk every night, with some discipline, time and perhaps some tea or toothpick substitutes, you should have no trouble at all kicking the habit. The great part is you still get to smoke while you are quitting.

Once you've succeeded, even when you're suddenly stressed out and feel like you NEED a cigarette, just roll one! It won't get you hooked again like a real one, in fact the real ones will just taste gross.

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lol pls take this down im not trying to be mean but im just starting to quit and on the web trying to find ways to ease the cravings and i run into this ive been smoking roll your own buglar tobacco for 2 yrs ever since price of real ciggarettes skyrocketed and i couldnt just quit smoking them they get you hooked just as bad as anything else.


LMAO! I agree with the other comment. My husband & I have only smoked rolled tobacco for the last 10 years, and if anything I think you want to smoke even more having it so readily available in bulk! This post is ridiculous! Take it down, it's not accurate.


Hints the fact she said add carrot 2 the rolling tobacco not just go 2 the store and get buglar and that would kill the crave!




I never smoked more than when I started rolling about a year ago, after moving to London from the US. Even the enjoyment of the perfectly rolled cigarette is something I miss. I haven't smoked in nearly 2 weeks and I live with 3 chain smokers, who smoke inside. I don't think I'll start again beause I don't want to. In the past I was never really sure I was done, because I loved it so much but I think I love smelling things more. I used nicorette gum but haven't had any nicotine in 4 days. I know it's the beginning for me but I'm ready.


LOL, Been rolling Drum for the past few months after being tobacco free for over 13 years. Have 5 and toss the bag. It's become a habit. Big waste of money too. I agree they are better than most American pre rolled brands but it's still addictive. Was a bit stressful with career changes but it's just time to stop. Just need to get through that day two free from tobacco major jones when your body is yelling for the nicotine.

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