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I have a broken tooth on each side and my health insurance won't cover what I need done, and I don't have cash on hand to have the surgery I need. I deal with having abscess every so often. You can get antibiotics on under the name fish zole which is the same as metronidazole except cheaper than if you go to a dr. I keep it on hand for the whole family. There are also forms of penicillin you can get as well but I am allergic and dont use that.Today I started to get that achy tooth/ear pain. I broke out the clove oil, salt water,migraine formula.It helped some but my face was swelling so I crushed a benadryl in a ziplock.. moistened a qtip
and dipped it in gently. As soon as I rubbed that on my abscess it stopped hurting! Tasted like crap but it stopped the pain! I will continue to take the zole for the next few days and use the crushed benadryl!

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Applying Benadryl directly to the tooth (right, upper wisdom tooth) did the trick for me so far!! I've tried all kinds of other 'remedies': Hydrocodone 7.5; Etodolac 300; rinsing with H. peroxide; vanilla extract; Oral Gel; tea bags, etc...With absolutely no relief. The non-effectiveness of Hydrocodone 7.5 and Etodolac 300 really shocked me. I thought these two could kill any pain. Not so!!

I think the varying degrees of success of all the remedies mentioned on this board depends on the source of the pain.

A few years back I had a really painful lower, left wisdom tooth. Etodolac 300 did wonders. Hydrocodone 7.5 did nothing. In this instance the problem was not sinus pressure, but decay.

I'm convinced the source of my recent pain is sinus pressure (cedar season here in Texas). When I fly, quick descents from high altitudes kill my upper molars. About a week ago I had the same pain. My ears were severely clogged. After soaking my ear canals with hydrogen peroxide, they unclogged. After they unclogged my tooth pain went away within 30 minutes or so.

So I suggest trying to determine the cause of pain when picking your remedy. Easier said than done, but if you can figure out the source, you can narrow down the appropriate remedies.

Thanks for your input and the boards creator. Yawn. Time to get some sleep!!

God bless those of you still in excruciating pain! :(

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