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So, I have a wisdom tooth on the right side and a molar on the top left side of my mouth thats feeling pretty horrible, they use to be filled lol, but the one thing I really found that helped after many many sleepless nights was taking a single ply of toilet paper and folding it down to the equal of a rolling paper and snugging it around the teeth, its not instant relief but it works, the paper will heat with your body heat and keep cold air that you breathe into you're nose from getting into the hole, if its a consistent problem and you dont just so happen to have the cash laying around and you can handle it you can try getting a mouth piece for sports from a walmart etc. and put it in your mouth, this as well will heat the mouth piece and block any air from getting into or around the tooth, last but not least everyone seems to have their own sort of mouthwash their making, theres a Oral moisterizer called Toms, it comes in a few flavors, I picked peppermint for the sake of clean flavor, the wash consists of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Sage, the peppermint flavor in it is pretty intense which left room for me to add my own things to it I.E. Listerine, it seems to numb it down pretty well without my mouth feeling like it was trying to murder me from the inside out, Also, speaking of which Chamomile is also a delicious and inexpensive liquid to try, add a tea spoon of cinnamon (No Sugar) and rinse and you enjoy, you can use mroe but I decided I didnt want to take a chance on too much Cinnamon, this drink is also very helpful for stomach pains, which I also found to be a side effect of my frantic home made remedy spree, hope this helps!

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