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A few months ago I started soaking my foot in full strength apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Immediate results. The dead nail flakes off leaving only live nail behind. Just in case the fungus was still alive. Who knows? The fungus can be yellow/orange and the ACV temporarily colors the nail. So I started soaking my foot (hard to soak only one toe) in diluted bleach water. But that made the skin burn. So to the horror of my family I started spraying my toenail with Clorox clean-up. I still soak my foot in apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Whenever I watch tv or go online I soak my foot. And I spray my toenail every morning after I shower with Clorox Clean-up.
It's been a couple of months and the nail is growing in uninfected with just a trace of the dead nail in the top corners of the nail.
I can't say which solution worked better. The ACV definitely exfoliates the nail leaving only fresh nail behind. The Clorox cleanup was just an insurance policy. I did not want to wait 2 months to see if the ACV was going to kill the fungus.
Either way my fungus is absolutely dead. I had it for 8 years. For my sisters wedding all the ladies went to a spa and had our nails done. It was my first and last time at a nail spa. Thank you nail tech for not cleaning your tools between clients.

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I havnt tried anything yet. but i cant wait. i feel tha same bout those nail techs. almost ruined my foot life. they wont eva get my money again.

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