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No folks,
Here is the truth so sit back and take it. There are a ton of home remedies but if your tooth is infected then you will need a root canal. This happens when bacteria gets under the tooth and the pulpit literally rots. So here is a way to tell if you are dealing with a cavity or a serious problem that will need professional help. Take an ice cube and place it on hour tooth. If you experience more pain than you ever thought possible then you most likely have a problem that wl require A root canal or a sime extraction. Also if heat to make it feel better you had better make an appointment. 6-8 advils and the pain should go away long enough for you to get 4 hours of sleep. I took 8 every four hours even though it's not good for hour liver. But i was considering ripping the tooth out myself ( that's how bad it hurt) if you pain is just. Cavity leaving an e posed nerve then try the other remedies. I know the kits they sell at the drug store for a temporary filling work great.

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The ice cube only works if the nerve is still in the tooth. If the tooth that is infected has been root canal-ed like mine, then you only experience pain in the cheek area and no tooth pain.


My problem is caused by a root canal... 2 failed root canals, one broken tooth... and a screwed up liver from amoxicillin. The teeth were doing fine until I took amox. it gives me an infection every time.
COLOIDAL SILVER around the infected tooth for a week 3 times a day is the only thing that ever gets the pain away for me.


NEVER take 8 Tylenol over a four hour period. You WILL overdose.

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