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I found that the best remedy is a combinations of various things. I do 3 methods: oil pulling, hydrogen dioxide swishing and baking soda brushing. Oil pulling will tighten/brighten your teeth and remove toxic from your blood stream. Hydrogen dioxide kill bacteria that prevents receding gum from regenerating and stop gum bleeding. Baking soda brushing is just for good measure 'cause it doesn't hurt. For oil pulling, make sure that you use untoasted sesame/coconut oil. Put about one table spoon in your mouth every morning before eating or drinking and swirl it around gently for 20 mins before spitting it out. Wash your mouth with some salt water. Then, you mix a cap full of 3% hydrogen dioxide with water and keep it in your mouth for 10 mins -- try to keep your head slightly down so the solution is around your teeth instead of your throat. Lastly, wet your tooth brush and dip it in baking soda power and start brushing. Then rinse your teeth with salt water again. Your mouth will feel 99% clean, no more bad breath and within a few weeks, your teeth will be Hollywood white. At least, that's what happened to my sister. I'm a tetracycline victim so my teeth don't get the same effect but it does get lightened up just after a week.

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am i stupid?? cuz i hae no idea where i would get peroxide from...and im not using toilet bleach :(


ps im form england and its probably illegal to sell peroxide unless its bleach please tell me where i could get it from xx


@person from England. You can buy hydrogen peroxide from any store. Its not illegal.


Thanks for dis post. I find it hard 2 believe dat sum pple dont even appreciate little effort. Even if u tink it doesnt work, say it politely and not saying stuff like 'dis sucks and bla bla'. And to d person dat sed dioxide, try applying common sense like d oda post said. U shld know it is peroxide. Anyways, 2 d original poster.. Thanks alot 4 ur time. Am going 2 go try dis n am sure it will work and even if it doesnt..well,thanks all d same. Yeah..and thanks 2 d girl who used 2 av bleeding gums and shared her experience after using d solution. I've saved ur post and will follow dis steps in doing mine. Cant wait 2 av a pink gum and white teeth.


can you do this even if you have braces?


to the person that left the comment above,... you could at least type in understandable english so we could read and take your advice -.-


The time range seems abit long for each step... and @ the kid with braces I wouldn't try whitening you teeth until you get your braces off because if your teeth were already 'dull' and you got your brackets put on the solution wouldn't be able to get under that small piece of metal that is glued on to your tooth than the part of you tooth around that metal piece will get whiter while the part cover with the bracket stays the same color the tooth already was and you will have little quares on your teeth. So until then I would suggest getting black color over your braces they make you teeth LOOK whiter


I am not sure about the oil but i use the other stuff and its not good to use hydrogen all the time only sometimes. I use baking soda everyday and my teeth come out nice a white.

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