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I found that the best remedy is a combinations of various things. I do 3 methods: oil pulling, hydrogen dioxide swishing and baking soda brushing. Oil pulling will tighten/brighten your teeth and remove toxic from your blood stream. Hydrogen dioxide kill bacteria that prevents receding gum from regenerating and stop gum bleeding. Baking soda brushing is just for good measure 'cause it doesn't hurt. For oil pulling, make sure that you use untoasted sesame/coconut oil. Put about one table spoon in your mouth every morning before eating or drinking and swirl it around gently for 20 mins before spitting it out. Wash your mouth with some salt water. Then, you mix a cap full of 3% hydrogen dioxide with water and keep it in your mouth for 10 mins -- try to keep your head slightly down so the solution is around your teeth instead of your throat. Lastly, wet your tooth brush and dip it in baking soda power and start brushing. Then rinse your teeth with salt water again. Your mouth will feel 99% clean, no more bad breath and within a few weeks, your teeth will be Hollywood white. At least, that's what happened to my sister. I'm a tetracycline victim so my teeth don't get the same effect but it does get lightened up just after a week.

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Ms Lizzie Borden

you must be freaking kidding! This is the silliest thing I've ever heard. Who can gently swirl anything in their mouths for this long without foreplay. Even if it leaves teeth as white as the driven snow, who has the time or endurance for this crazy routine? Sorry... had to comment.


oil???come on,that is disgusting...

Liv Nake

Hey it may be gross and take a while but if it makes these yellow things white, Its worth using Monkey Dung for a week!!


hydrogen dioxide is water idiots


I think this is a joke..


I think the person meant hydrogen peroxide. use common sense.

Not Retarded

Except that Hydroden Dioxide (aka peroxide) is a type of bleach retards..
H20 is water... not H2O2.
Dihydrogen monoxide would be water.


This posting is not a joke. I am not the original poster and I had bleeding gums for the past several years of my life (due to poor dental hygiene when I was younger). I brushed twice a day and flossed once, but no matter how much I did this my gums would bleed when flossing. This happened for about 2 years and I finally started looking for something to change this. What I found was that oil pulling (it's not a joke) worked to make my teeth whiter and my gums pinker. I first only did that and I was noticing improvements within days. Notice after oil pulling that your teeth actually have a similar feeling to them as brushing and using mouthwash. That's because oil pulling has anti-septic properties that I honestly do not understand so I won't try to explain. My gums were still receeded though and through online research I found that gums receed because of bacteria on the teeth. Without cleaning this bacteria off the gums just run further and further away. Anyways, I still used normal toothpaste, but put a layer of baking soda and brushed with that. While brushing I would also put a tablespoon or so of hydrogen PEROXIDE (3% you can get anywhere) and tablespoon of water. When I first started doing this, I noticed my gums hurt a tiny bit and turn white from underneath. By brushing and flossing, I was getting the hydrogen peroxide actually underneath my gum line. Anyways, I've been doing this for about a month and a half now. My teeth are noticeably whiter, my gums pinker, and my receeding gum line has noticeably reversed. I would HIGHLY recommend using these 3 in combination with each other, you have nothing to lose but a small box of baking soda, a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a bottle of oil (sesame, coconut, or sunflower).

By the way. In regards to the comment on time commitment. When you do it first thing in the morning, you realize you DO have time. I do it first thing, feed my cat, read an article, make breakfast, take a shower. It's really not that big of a hassle and when you see results you will be motivated to keep at it.


I am had tetracycline as well, I went to the dentist and they shaved down my tooth barely any and all the brown came off . I dont know if that could be th same for oyu but its always worth a try!


People. I read some of this stuff, and all I've done is swish w/ hydrogen pyroxide... i noticed a difference immediatly (first 2 or 3 days)!! and that was IT!!! Not the bright bleach white I see (which imo is a little hard on the eyes), but a nice clean, pure white. I'm elated. Oh, and I've used the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda/Hydrogen Pyroxide combo, and had a horrid reaction to it. Corners of lips crack & my gums get VERY sore when using that. But just using my Crest toothpaste, followed by 15/20 seconds of swishing the Hydogen Pyroxide, and my teeth look great. Amazing. I've even skipped it a few days, and just another swish or two, and... boom!! Btw, I haven't found an issue with the taste (i've heard mentioned here). There really isn't any. Just lots of nice bubbles! :)

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