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I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah and he was showing a Neti pot. It is a small vessel with a spout. You fill it up with very warm water, as warm as you can stand, and add a small amount of salt. You then lean over a sink horizontally, tilt your head and insert the spout into the nostril that is facing up. When you pour in the solution, the liquid will run out the other nostril. After pouring some in one nostril, blow your nose and repeat in the other nostril. When you do this, the solution will go up into your sinuses and flush out your nose. If you go on line and type in 'NETI POT' you will see several places that sell them. The pot comes with instructions. I use my Neti pot every evening and it has made a huge difference in my congestion. It may sound strange, but it works.

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I totally agree with the poster that said to use distilled water when using these sinus rinses.i have bad sinus prob all the time and you can use these all day long if you want but people have dies from a brain eating bacteria in tap water so be sinus rinse is a little bottle like thing you squirt water in one side till it comes out the other and the warm water/solution feals great.


I often suffer from severe nasal congestion and runny nose. I saw Dr. Oz demonstrating the neti pot. I tried it. But then i got an ear pain! It has to be done very carefully to avoid ear problems later..


Dosent help!


s has always helped with clearing nasal congestion. Have your upper body in a horizontal position, parallel to the floor. In a water bottle with a cap with warm or hot tap water. Add table salt and shake to dissolve. While bending over snort some of the solution into one nostril while plugging the other with a finger. The solution wil run out your mouth and not down your lungs. Some will make it up your sinuses. Stay in the bent over position and be prepared for the onslaught of the release of congestion. Repeat in other nostril. repeat no more than twice in each nostril till needed again. Happy breathing.

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For neti-pot or any other method of putting water into your nostrils, it is important to either boil the water or use distilled water. And do not use iodized salt.

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